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1.0m Carbon Fiber Manual Flyaway Antenna



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1.0m Carbon Fiber Manual Flyaway Antenna

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Anstellar 1.0m flyaway antenna is a high performance, high environment adaptivity satellite antenna
dedicated to emergency wideband communications. The antenna has a light weight and it is available for
multiple transportations. The antenna adopts modular design, with reliable structural strength, easy
operations, simple access without professional tools, it can better finish high- difficulty task in various
environment. The antenna can be used for all domestic & international Ku&Ka band communication
The total weight of the antenna set less than 17Kg
Azimuth & elevation angle adjustment realizes fast and fine tuning functions, it rapidly decreases the
satellite acquisition period.
Non professional personnel can easily follow the instruction to finish satellite acquisition.
Reflector uses carbon fiber material, (dominate 60% of the antenna set), it has the features of high strength
and light weight.
Antenna set realizes easy deploy/stow, no additional tools required to realize single personnel operation.

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