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1.0m Ku Band Motorized Flyaway Antenna



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1.0m Ku Band Motorized Flyaway Antenna

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Anstellar 1.0m Ku Band Motorized Flyaway Antenna is a high performance, high environment adaptivity satellite antenna
dedicated to emergency wideband communications. The antenna has a light weight and it is available for
multiple transportations. The antenna adopts modular design, with reliable structural strength, easy
operations, simple access without professional tools, it can better finish high- difficulty task in various
environment. The antenna can be used for all domestic & international Ku&Ka band communication

Product feature:
The total weight of the antenna set less than 28Kg
Better RF feature, high gain, low sidelobe, remarkable cross-pol.
"One button acquisition" realizes non-professional personnel can easily follow the instruction to finish
satellite acquisition.
Reflector uses carbon fiber material, (dominate 60% of the antenna set ),it has the features of high strength
and light weight.
The auto acquisition device includes a dual axis positioner,a GPS receiver and a digital compass.
Application field:
Emergency communication of counter-terrorism, nature disasters; TV live broadcasting, measurement &
monitoring ,government emergency communication department, civil defense, news media, mobile
communication operator, public security, fire control, border defense, military, enterprises and institutions,

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