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1.2m SNG Antenna



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1.2m SNG Antenna

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Vehicle-mounted SNG satellite antenna of Anstellar is aiming at emergency communication for command, this serial of antenna meets all kinds of requirements for VSAT, Not only sales all over the world, but also it has been applied in many fields such as military, Police, fire fighting, civil air den fence, mobile, Telecom, electric power, water conservancy etc. it can be designed according to the user VSAT satellite link and provide several size from 1.2m to 2.4M. Anstellar owes the rights of carbon fiber dual reflector and antenna drive unit, antenna control unit completely. Smart and perfect in appearance design and shell size can be configured with all vehicle, and it also can be customized according to the different motor type.
System Character:
1, Adopt high efficient shock mitigation system under the bottom of Antenna capsule in order to enhance the reliability of the antenna in all kinds of environment situation;
2, Low sidelobe, high gain;
3, complete the location, deploy, track the satellite in 3mins;
4, Automatic, motorized and Manual control mode;
5, Adjust automatically in motor-pol.;
6, It can be mount on the top of SUV, mini truck or heavy truck permanently without any modifications to the vehicle
7, It is processed by 3 proofings, and it can work well in all kinds of situation.
System compose:
1, Antenna Feed subsystem
Main reflector, feedhorn
2, Turn table system
Az,El,Pol 3 axis turn table
3, Servo control subsystem
Antenna Control Unit, Antenna Drive Unit
4, Attitude collecting subsystem
Digital compass, import GPS
5, Receive subsystem
high sensitivity beacon receiver

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