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1.8m Aluminum alloy Manual Flyaway Antenna



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1.8m Aluminum alloy Manual Flyaway Antenna

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The flyaway antenna is composed of Aluminum alloy reflector, heavy caliber ripple horn, azimuth, elevation rotary table and supporting legs. This antenna is characterized by simple design, light weight, easy unfold, portable etc.; the reflector is composed of 6 pieces or 4 pieces, one person can complete the installation in 5minutes independently. In addition, it has High G/T, Low side lobe, Excellent Pattern characteristic; it is used for outdoor design, and it can complete the communication fast and reliably in anywhere, its excellent characteristic meets or exceeds CCIR 580-4 and INTELSAT requirements.

system compose
Subsystem of antenna feed
Offset antenna
Big caliber ripple horn
Subsystem of rotary table
Azimuth, Elevation rotary table
Precision processed aluminum reflector ensures premium RF performance.
Light, portable, easy unfold, high quality, one person can install it completely in 5 minutes.
Alignment time reduced with improved Az/EI mount design.
Especially designed for outside, wherever and whenever, it can transmit the contents of bandwidth fast with
a high quality.

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