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1.8m ka band Antenna



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1.8m ka band Antenna

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Anstellar Ka band full series earth station antennas utilize newtype aluminum alloy reflector
and highaccuracy process of solidification and shaping to ensure reliable and stable performance.
Carefully designed azimuthal and pitching bearing with high strength and stability ensures
Ka band's pointing accuracy and wind resistant ability and it has excellent driving property.
Due to anti-corrosion treatment, antennas have excellent corrosion resistant performance
and are suitable for coastal areas, including high-salt and high-humidity areas.
They are widely applied among broadcasting companies, service providers, GSM operators,
satellite operators, military and governmental agencies, free organizations or rescue organizations.
Now mature products include
1.2m Ka band antenna
1.8m Ka band antenna
2.4m Ka band antenna
3.7m Ka band antenna
The features and configurations for antennas are as below:
High G/T, excellent pattern characteristics
Factory feed system testing
All of steel parts to be processed by hot dipped zinc
Foundation hardware kit
included Air or ocean transport packing
Specialized feed systems
Antenna control system with
tracking (Steptrack, Program Tracking and Inclined Orbit Tracking)
Reflector and feed deicing systems
ODU Support Kits
Lightning Rod Kit
Grounding Kit
Cable-Mounting Kit
Turnkey installation and testing
Non-penetrating mount
High wind configuration
Extended Az trave


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