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2.4m Carbon Fiber Manual Flyaway Antenna



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2.4m Carbon Fiber Manual Flyaway Antenna

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2.4m C and Ku band flyaway antenna is designed and manufactured for swift satellite
communication response.The 2.4 meter fly-away antenna is easily deployed, possesses extreme light weight due to its high percentage of carbon fiber material and excellent transportability.
1.1 Feature :
1.1.1 The antenna is made of carbon fiber and aluminum. This results in extreme light weight and high strength.
1.1.2 The antenna is assembly by interlocking of major component parts. The system can be field
assembly by three persons in less than 15minutes without any hand tools.
1.1.3 Flexible Azimuth and Elevation to quickly acquire the satellite.
1.2 The antenna consists of four major parts.
1.2.1 Pedestal base, Az rotary platform and El adjustment
1.2.2 Backspine
1.2.3 Reflector
1.2.4 Antenna feed and subreflector
1.2.5 Outrigger members and Outrigger lateral struts
1.2.6 Feed struts
1.2.7 Carry case


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