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6.0m TVRO Antenna(Dual-reflector)



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6.0m TVRO Antenna(Dual-reflector)

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The TVRO antenna is characterized by its high precision stretch forming aluminum reflector, the surface accuracy can be less than 0.5mm when the reflector is assembled completely; medium large antenna is composed of main reflector and sub-reflector panel, it is easy to complete the installation for its simple structure, there's unnecessary to adjust the precision at the site; the major steel parts of the antenna is hot-dip galvanizing, and the other accessories are all made of stainless steel, so it can improve the durability and anticorrosion, the durability can be last over18 years; All of the products must be testing and debugging strictly before the delivery to make sure the excellent electric characteristics, reliable mechanical properties and good environments.

Antenna Features
Meets or Exceeds CCIR 580-4 and INTELSAT Requirements
High G/T, Excellent Pattern Characteristics
Hot-dipped Galvanized Steel Ground Mount Assembly
Stretch Formed Aluminum Reflector with High Precision.
C-band or Ku-band
Factory Feed System Testing and Documentation
Foundation Hardware Kit Included
Ocean or Air Transport Packing
Design and Accurate in Adjustment.
Well in Anti-corrosion
Excellent in Stability
Customized Antennas are Available

Linear Polarization or Circular Polarization to C band
Single or Dual Polarization Port
C-band Antenna Operating in 870MHz Bandwidt


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