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Antenna Controller



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Antenna Controller

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Antenna Controller
For Satellite Communications Earth Stations
Model 39A,Antenna Control System (ACS) is the satellite auto-tracking equipment which is suitable for various antennas of Earth Station and VAST station.The ACS is the primary control and monitor interface of the antenna system.
The AS9221S ACS uses the latest microprocessor technology to provide accurate antenna positioning, high reliability and maximum system flexibility, friendly windowing interface and menu-driven configuration. It is composed of an antenna control unit (ACU), an antenna drive unit (ADU), position transducers for azimuth, elevation, mating connectors, system cabling. Two units-- ADU and ACU can operate independently.
Key Stroke Operation
Target Tracking
50 Satellite Positions Preset
Three Axes Control for AZ., EL. and Polarization
Antenna Position Setting
Wherever position antenna locates, antenna position can be set via operating panel or computer.
Multi-speed Inverter Option
Big screen display of alarm, antenna position and fault indication
Remote Control
Linked via RS-232 communication ports on the rear panel of the ACU
ecure Operation
Software and hardware travel limit switchs ensure the safety operation.

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